Art Inspiration

Here at The Children’s Gazette we love to see your amazing artwork. Send us photographs or scans of your work or even a photo of you holding up your drawings, collages and designs. One of the best things about school at home is more time and using that time to be creative is one of the coolest things you can do. We look forward to seeing what you have created. Email your work to

Here are some art ideas to get you started – lots more will be added so check back soon!

Draw a portrait of your pet – or even take a photograph and work from that!

If you have an IPAD use one of the free drawing apps available – this picture is done using one called Sketch Tree – we love to see digital art!

If you are out in the garden then use nature to inspire your artwork. We found leaves and petals then created our own flower – draw or photograph your real life collage and send it in – you can use things from around the house too!